TI-84 Display Problems

By Whitney Houston

Updated September 26, 2017

The Texas Instruments TI-84 scientific calculator serves as an aid in solving standard math equations for home, work or school. While using the TI-84, however, you might encounter problems viewing the screen or entering data.

Dim Screen

If the screen is too dim, you might have trouble viewing the entered problem and its results. The contrast is adjustable and is accessed by pushing the “2nd” key and holding down the “Down” button. The screen will lighten.

Frozen Screen

If the display seems to be frozen or the buttons do not work, you can manually reset the calculator. Open the battery chamber and remove the AAA batteries. Hold down the “On” button for 10 seconds, replace the batteries and turn the TI-84 back on.

Full Memory

If the cursor appears as a checkerboard, the maximum amount of characters has been reached or the TI-84's memory is full. You can clear the memory by pushing the “2nd” button, “Mem” and “2.” The “Memory Management/Delete” menu appears, and you can choose the data you wish to clear.