How to Troubleshoot an Ativa Shredder

By Orlando Bogue

Updated September 26, 2017

Protect your identity with a working paper shredder.
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Avoid identity theft and protect sensitive information with a paper shredder. Shredders are important devices in business, offices and homes--it's one of the safest ways to protect your personal or business data. Ativa makes multiple shredder types for personal and commercial use. However, Ativas have safety features that at times can prevent them from operating. Those problems can be fixed by checking a few operations of the shredder.

Check the Power

Ensure that the shredder top is firmly placed in the shredder basket if the unit will not operate. If the top is not in place the feeder will not work and accept any paper. Make sure it is firmly plugged into the wall outlet and that the outlet is active.

Rest the Shredder

Let the shredder cool down if the shredder has been running continuously for a long time. It may have overheated and needs to be left in the off position for at least 30 minutes to reset. Verify the basket is empty or not too full as that will cause the shredder to deactivate.

Clear Paper Jam

Rotate the shredder into "Auto" and reverse to loosen any paper jam that is stopping the gears. Pull out any papers that are sticking out from the shredder feeder. If there is no progress then unplug the shredder and remove the shredder top from the bin. Turn it upside down and use tweezers to free any paper that is blocking the gear.

Auto Mode Not Working

Select the “Auto” option and feed paper into the center of the feeder tray if the shredder is only working in reverse mode. The sensor is located in the middle of the feeder tray and could be blocked by jammed paper. Use an index card to firmly unblock any paper that could be blocking the sensor.