Do You Count the Cover Sheet When Faxing?

By Neil Kokemuller

Updated September 26, 2017

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Despite the importance of digital communication, fax machines still play a key role in sending and receiving documents. When you report the number of pages on a fax cover sheet, it is customary to include the coverage page in the total.

Cover Page Basics

The cover page alerts the recipient to important details about the fax transmission. It includes the recipient, sender and document details. It also alerts the recipient to the number of pages. Page number information is important because it allows the recipient to ensure that he receives the entire fax. If the sender indicates the document has six total pages and only three come through, he knows the transmission is incomplete.

Including Cover Page

Typically, you include the cover page when reporting the total number of pages. If the document has three pages aside from the cover, you would report a total of four pages, for instance. Many template cover pages even note that you are to include the cover page when reporting the number. The exception is when a cover page indicates the number of pages "excluding the cover page."