Advantages of Typewriters

By Cheryl Lowry

Updated September 26, 2017

For a century, the typewriter was standard equipment in the office. Although we now use computers for modern writing tasks, the typewriter still offers some advantages over digital technology.

Completing Forms

Filling out paper forms remains a standard activity in bureaucratic institutions. Unlike computer printers, typewriters provide the precision and pressure required to complete forms correctly and make legible carbon copies.

Addressing Envelopes and Labels

Technically, you can print addresses on envelopes and labels using a computer printer, but it is often an ordeal. Typewriters make quick work of this task.

Use in Third World Countries

The Indian company Godrej still manufactures and sells manual typewriters, many of which it exports to other Third World countries. Manual typewriters provide an advantage over computers both in price and reliability, since they do not require electricity.

Historical Appreciation

Many great 20th-century writers wrote literary classics with typewriters. Thanks to eBay and antique stores, you can still find and use the same model of typewriter that your favorite author used.

Aesthetic Enjoyment

Typewriters are beautiful machines, made in an era before manufactured obsolescence. Unlike disposable computer equipment, typewriters make interesting and attractive conversation pieces.