Eveready Gold Vs. Energizer

By April Bamburg

Updated September 26, 2017

Energizer is just one popular brand of battery on the market.
i Image by Flickr.com, courtesy of Beverly

Though many different types and brands of batteries cover the market, not all are meant for use in all products. Some last longer than others; some are rechargeable, some not. Many look similar, although there are differences, depending on the particular battery brand and type. Two popular brands are Energizer and Eveready Gold, whose characteristics can be compared.


The Energizer brand battery includes at least 17 different types of batteries, from those intended for everyday use or in high-tech devices to hearing aid and specialty batteries, including alkaline and rechargeable batteries. Eveready Gold batteries are a specific battery product within the Eveready brand. The company suggests alkaline batteries for everyday use in electronic toys and electronics, including portable radios and stereos.


According to Eveready.com, the company’s batteries, including the Gold brand battery, are composed of alkaline manganese dioxide-zinc, and include hazardous materials, including graphite and potassium hydrochloride. The composition of Energizer batteries depends on whether the product is designed for single use or rechargeable. Rechargeable Energizer batteries are composed of nickel cadmium hydride or nickel metal hydride.

Size and Voltage

Both batteries are available in a variety of sizes, from AA to 9-volt sizes. Energizer also has specialty batteries in other sizes—like its hearing-aid batteries. Energizer’s alkaline batteries are available in 1.5 to 9 volts; the brand’s rechargeable batteries are available in 1.2 to 8.4 volts. Eveready batteries are available in 1.5 to 12 volts.


Eveready Gold batteries are cylindrical, two-toned batteries—gold on three quarters of the battery and black on the remaining quarter. The name is on the gold portion of the product, in black and white text. On the black-covered portion, there is a red oval and a white numeral. Energizer batteries are silver and cylindrical, with a band of color around the top. The color on the band depends on the type of battery, intended use and category of Energizer battery—whether rechargeable or not.


Both batteries give the same general warning. For alkaline batteries, charging is unnecessary before first use and, furthermore, if you attempt to charge these, whether on purpose or inadvertently, you may cause leakage or, in some cases, high pressure rupture. According to the product sheet for Energizer rechargeable batteries, they are made to be charged many times and the company recommends that you charge the battery before use: “Improper charging can cause heat damage, or even high pressure rupture.”