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by Faizah ImaniUpdated September 26, 2017

Until the invention of the computer, the typewriter was a valuable piece of equipment that could be found in nearly every office. Although typewriters are still around, they are not nearly as prevalent as they used to be. But there are still a few people who prefer the simplicity of a typewriter.

Typewriter Pros and Cons

Typewriters are very economical when it comes to pricing and it doesn’t require much maintenance. But it does have some drawbacks, most notable its noise. Typewriters can be extremely noisy as a person pecks away on the keyboard. While the newer models of typewriters are not as loud as their older counterparts, they do still make a lot more noise than a computer.

Typewriter Versus Computer

A typewriter costs a lot less than a computer. You can purchase a great typewriter at a department store for a little more than $100, whereas a computer can cost you triple that amount. Typewriters are not prone to viruses. Computers are prime targets for viruses and computer hackers because most of them are used to connect to the Internet. Typewriters are loud. Computers are not. Typewriters do not have a hard drive that you can save your work on. Computers do. This means that once you type your work on a typewriter you can not go back and edit it later like you can on a computer. Typewriters do not contain software programs and are not very complicated to use. Computers are very complicated and require knowledge of the different software programs that come with the computer.

Typewriter Maintenance

Every now and then you will need to replace various components of your typewriter. The three parts that you will have to periodically change are the typewriter ribbons, printers and correction tape. Finding parts for your typewriter can be difficult due to the fact that many stores have replaced most typewriter equipment with computer equipment and products. If you are having difficulty locating parts for your typewriter, try some of the Internet websites, such as Typewriter Supply.

Typewriter Repair

If something happens to your typewriter and it needs to be repaired, the first thing you should do is check to see if the typewriter is still under factory warranty. If the typewriter is under warranty, you can ship it back to the manufacturer to be repaired or replaced. If the typewriter is no longer under warranty, take it to a local repair specialist.

Purchase a Typewriter

You can purchase a typewriter from some local department stores. Because of the low demand for typewriters, you are not likely to find a wide selection of them at a department store. To expand your options visit a local office supply store to shop for your typewriter.



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