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How to Trim Clips in Final Cut Pro

by Shana Bethune ; Updated October 20, 2017

Learn how to do trimming, slipping and sliding in Final Cut Pro Software in this free filmmaker training video from our professional film production manager and video editing software expert.

About the Author

Shana Bethune is a video editor and sound engineer with a BA in architecture from Barnard College. She lives in Boston, MA, where she keeps a home office for her freelance work. Shana has had many years of experience in creating home offices from bedrooms, and applies her education in spacial relationships to how she sets up a home office. Shana keeps her office well-organized and aesthetically pleasing. She also makes a point of arranging furniture and equipment in a way that is both comfortable and functional. Shana’s tips will help you build an efficient, effective, and inexpensive home office.

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