How to Digitally Sign a United States Army Document

By Eva Talent

Updated October 04, 2017

The Army's common access card, or CAC, contains a microchip with its owner's personal information. When a CAC is initially issued, the soldier chooses a secret personal identification number, or PIN. When the CAC is inserted into a military computer with a CAC reader, a soldier can digitally sign any enabled documents by entering her CAC PIN. Most forms used by the Army can be digitally signed, including evaluation reports, leave of absence forms and requisition documents.

Insert your CAC into the CAC reader. Select your credentials from the list that appears on the computer screen.

Enter your six-digit CAC personal identification number.

Open and read the document you wish to digitally sign.

Place your mouse pointer inside the box that requires your signature and double-click.

Click "Yes" when prompted to digitally sign the document.

Re-enter your CAC PIN and click "Done." This digitally signs the document.


You cannot digitally sign Army documents without a valid CAC and CAC PIN.