How to Reset CDMA Towers

By Kenyonda Bradley

Updated September 28, 2017

Update the PRL on your CDMA phone to reset the towers.
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Resetting the phone tower on your CDMA phone is the process of updating the PRL (Preferred Roaming List). An updated PRL allows your phone to connect with the closet cell tower in your area to provide you with a better signal strength to send and receive data. Most phones update the PRL automatically, but if you are experiencing dropped calls and connection issues, you can manually update the PRL from your CDMA phone.

From Your Phone

Press the “Menu” button and open the “Settings” application.

Select the option “About Phone,” “General” or “Phone Info.” Select “System Updates.”

Select the option to update the PRL. Wait for the device to check for a PRL update. Your phone will automatically reset the network, which ultimately resets the cell phone towers on your CDMA phone. Wait for the device to reboot.

Over-the-Air Programming

Dial *228 from your CDMA phone and wait for the automated over-the-air programming menu to play.

Select the option to update the PRL on your mobile phone. Wait until you hear the message that acknowledges that you have successfully updated your phone’s PRL, before you end the call.

Restart your phone to allow the changes to take effect.


You may also be able to reset the CDMA towers in your area by removing the battery and restarting your phone.