How to Check Air Miles

by Chris MiksenUpdated September 28, 2017
airplane image by Clarence Alford from Fotolia.com

If you're an avid air traveler, you've probably racked up quite a few thousand miles through various airline companies. You can use your air miles to buy discounted tickets or, if you have enough miles, free tickets. You can check your accumulated air miles by logging onto your air miles account online.

Visit the airline company website for which you want to check your miles.

Look for an "Air Miles" link or something with "Miles" in it. The exact name of each air miles program varies with each airline. For example, United Airlines' air miles program is called "Mileage Plus," Delta's program is called "SkyMiles" and U.S. Airways program is called "Dividend Miles." Click the "Miles" link. The air miles page will appear.

Click "Log in." Enter your air miles login information. The login information for each airline company varies. For example, to login to your Delta SkyMiles account, you need to enter your email address, PIN and last name, whereas with United you need to enter your email address and password.

Sign in to "Login." Your air miles information will appear, with the number of miles you earned near the top of the page. You can navigate to other sections of your air miles account by clicking the various links. For example, to look at your account history, use your miles and your profile.

Click "Log out" once you are finished viewing your account.

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