How to Send an Inmate Money Online

By Colleen Larson

Updated September 28, 2017

Prison is not a holiday. However, inmates can have money in prison. Inmates work at jobs inside the prison to earn their keep, but they can have cash deposited to their in-house accounts when they enter prison, during visitations or through the postal mail. However, one of the quickest and most convenient methods for getting money to an inmate is to send an inmate money online.

Read the correctional facility's website to determine if you're able to send money to an inmate online. Some prisons do not permit it.

Choose a money transfer agent that works with the prison that houses the inmate you wish to send money to. Examples of money transfer agents are JPay, Western Union and ICSolutions (see Resources).

Create an account with your selected money transfer agent. If you are using JPay, you will need the inmate's ID number to begin. If you work with Western Union, you will have to select the state you are sending money from and find the prison to get started. Should you be using the services of ICSolutions, you will need the name and location of the prison, the inmate's name and his ID number to get started. Follow the directions of your selected money transfer agent to get an inmate money online.

Choose a credit card or debit card to send an inmate money online. You will be charged a fee for the service and that is presented to you before you complete the transaction. The money transfer agent will process your amount and transfer the amount to the inmate's commissary or trust account. You will receive a notice soon after you have completed the transaction that the transfer is complete.