How To Create a Matrix Spreadsheet

By Cecelia Owens

Updated September 28, 2017

Organizing your numbers can make your presentation clean and structured.
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A matrix is a rectangle that has the ability to display numbers and/or words in an organized fashion. Each matrix is arranged by rows and columns. One way you can build a matrix spreadsheet is through Microsoft Excel. A matrix can be included in a spreadsheet, Word document, or PowerPoint presentation. Creating a matrix spreadsheet takes a lot of preparation and practice, but it could give your presentation a much needed face-lift.

Click "Insert" at the top of the Excel document. From here, select "Illustration" and "Smart Art." Click the matrix layout then click "OK."

Enter your text into the matrix. Click the text button and start typing. If you want to import text from elsewhere, copy your original text by highlighting it with your mouse and press "Control" + "C", and paste it ("Control" + "V") into the text box.

Move the box. If you want to move your box, click and drag it with your mouse to its new location. Hold "Control" and press the arrow keys to move the box in small increments.

Change the matrix layout. Right-click on your matrix and select the "Change Layout" option. There are three layouts you can choose from: the basic matrix, the titled matrix and the grid matrix. The basic matrix shows the relationship between numbers and letters through quadrants. The titled matrix reveals four quadrants as a whole. The grid matrix accents the quadrant's relationship as separate quadrants.

Change the colors of your matrix. Click "Smart Art Tools" > "Design" > "Change Color." The Change Color tab can add a glowing effect, a soft edge or a three-dimensional effect. Change the border of the matrix by clicking "Format Shape" and scrolling through the colors. Change the background color of the matrix by selecting "Format Shape" and select the "Fill" or "Solid Fill" option.