How to Set the Clock on an Alpine Car Stereo

By Nichole Liandi

Updated September 28, 2017

It's frustrating to have a great-sounding car stereo in your dash, but then not be able to remember how to set the time on the clock. Alpine stereos sound great, but they've also made it easy to set the time. Just follow these straightforward steps and you'll have the correct time going in no time at all.

Press and hold the "sound setup" button for at least 2 seconds, and let the radio go into the setup mode. The button is located to the lower right of the control knob.

Turn the control knob to select "clock adjustment, and then press the "play" button. The time indicator will start to blink.

Turn the knob to adjust the hours, then press "play" again.

Turn the knob to adjust the minutes, then press and hold the "sound/setup" button until the radio returns to its normal operating mode.