How to Create a Bibliography From Footnotes in Word

By Editorial Team

Updated September 28, 2017

You've just created a document that requires a bibliography so that you can demonstrate how much research went into your project. If you are working in Word, you can easily create a bibliography from your footnotes.

Copy the Word file that holds your thesis. This will keep anything from happening to the original while working on the bibliography.

Convert all of the footnotes in your copy file to endnotes by highlighting each individual number and right clicking on it. From here, choose "Convert to Endnote." Select and copy all of the newly created endnotes at one time using your mouse.

Select "File," "New" and choose the blank document wording from the list of templates. This new document will hold the bibliography.

Paste the text that is waiting on the clipboard into the new document by right clicking your mouse and selecting "Paste."

Choose "Table" from the wording at the top of the page. Select "Sort. Click "Sort by Paragraphs," and then click "OK." This will give you an alphabetic list of your original footnotes.

Delete unnecessary wording from each endnote. Format each endnote the way you need it for the bibliography.


To copy large amounts of text with your mouse, click on the beginning of the chosen text. Go to the end of the text while holding down the shift key. Right click with your mouse while still holding down the shift key.