How to Play "Let's Make a Deal"

by ContributorUpdated October 06, 2017

The 1970s TV game show "Let's Make a Deal" has made a comeback as a DVD game, so grab a buddy and play. Say, do you have a cookie from 1970 in your purse?

Listen to the instructions. Monty gives instructions before the game begins. You can learn how to play all the games that are randomly chosen for the contestant.

Get a prize for something you have in your wallet or purse. Once you have the prize, you get an opportunity to trade it for another curtain or box. You could win a bigger prize or a zonk.

Choose a purse or wallet. In this game, you never know what is going to be inside. Once you have chosen, you can trade for something better, or for an undesirable item known as a zonk. Try to accumulate as much as possible.

Play the egg game. Get a raw or hard boiled egg worth cash. You can also choose to trade that egg of unknown value for what's behind the curtain. You can also guess if an item is real or fake.

Prepare to win cars, rings and cruises as you deal through four rounds and hope to get the big deal in the final round. Play the W-I-N game and get a chance throughout to trade your potential prize for another.

Beat the dealer. If you get to play beat the dealer you participate with three other contestants. Each of you chooses an envelope. Two of the envelopes have higher dollar amounts and their owners get to play for bigger prizes. The two then chose cards, and the one that picks the highest can play against Monty and risk all monies won or win even more.

Shoot for the big prize. Find out if you're the best trader and receive the big prize of the day, or a sheep.

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