Signing Up on YouTube

by Craig ScimeUpdated September 18, 2017

How to sign up on YouTube; learn more about online video software in this free instructional video.

About the Author

Originally from Buffalo, NY, Craig got involved in television at the early age of 7 as an actor for McDonald’s. From that point on, he became very interested about what happens in front of and behind the camera. Shooting movie shorts with his Fisher Price PXL 2000 (now a hot item for artsy projects), Craig would shoot as often as possible to better his skills. When he entered high school he founded the “Video Production Department,” producing the morning daily announcements in a flashy, eye catching news style show. While in high school, Craig founded his first major company, Absolute Sound and Video, providing live event planning, production, entertainment, and video services. Working to grow his company, he continued performing in front of the camera and attended college to officially learn Audio and Video production. In college, he became program director of the radio station there and produced and hosted shows for public access TV. One of his college projects received statewide attention.

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