How to Backup & Restore Files with an External Hard Drive

by Dave AndrewsUpdated September 18, 2017

Backing up files on an external hard drive allows you to restore a computer after data is damaged or lost by recovering the files from the secondary drive. Use an external hard drive for backup with an IT specialist in this free video on computer hard drives.

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Dave Andrews is a software developer with a business and Web site selling programs and other computer services in Franklin, Tenn. Having worked in the IT industry for more than 8 years, Andrews has an intimate understanding of computer technologies. He holds a degree in computer science from Middle Tennessee State University with a minor in mathematics. Andrews began working with computers when he was nine years old, programming BASIC on a Precomputer 2000. He now programs in C/C , Java, Microsoft .Net, ASP, Python and PHP and has written large, integrated program used by clients as large as state governments. Andrews is currently employed by a government IT department and enjoys the public service and constant challenge that such a position provides.

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