By Kylie Ora Lobell

Updated December 20, 2017

Learn about everything Pinterest has to offer in this Socially Connected video

Back in 2010, Pinterest burst onto the social media scene. Today, it has 200 million monthly active users. If you are thinking of using Pinterest for work, for fun or both, here is background information on the site as well as instructions on how it works.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual social network that allows you to pin images to boards and then share those boards with others. You can browse other users' boards and discover ideas for everything like what to cook, how to decorate for a party, steps on creating do it yourself items for your wedding, how to look trendy and where to travel.

How to Build Your Pinterest Page

You can sign up for a Pinterest account or log in using your Facebook or Google username and password. Then, go to the search bar and look for inspirational and informative images. For example, if you're planning your wedding, type in "DIY wedding."

Hover over an image you like and hit "save." You can choose to pin it to a board from a predetermined category such as "wedding" or hit "Create Board" to establish your own. Give it a name and make it either secret or public. Then, click "create." From now on, you can save your images to this board or create as many boards as you'd like.

Let's say you want to save an image, link or video to your board that is hosted on a site other than Pinterest. Simply add the Pinterest button to your browser, and then go to the URL of what you are trying to save. When you're there, hit the Pinterest button, and add it to one of your boards.

Using Pinterest for Business

If you have a business and you want to utilize Pinterest to build a following, sign up for a free business account on the site. You can upload your images by hitting the "+" sign and either importing them from your computer or a web address. Pinterest allows you to create an ad for your business from this same "+" menu and save links manually from websites. Remember to encourage your website visitors to download the Pinterest button for their browsers so they can save your content to their boards.

Finding a Community on Pinterest

Like other social networks, you can follow people, comment on their pins, mention them in comments, repin pins to your board, share them to Facebook or Twitter, send them on Facebook Messenger or share the URLs. Since Pinterest is a social media site, it's a lot more fun when you follow users and have them follow you back.

Pinterest is especially useful if you are collaborating on a project or event with others such as a wedding. You can share your wedding board with your partner, family, friends, wedding planner, bridesmaids and/or groomsmen. Everyone can contribute in some way or another.

Pinterest is an enjoyable and easy way to share your interests, start new hobbies, find friends and plan events. Getting started only take a few minutes, but you'll spend hours and hours on the site guaranteed.