By Carley Knobloch

Updated December 20, 2017

Learn how to use YouTube in this video.

YouTube is a great place to share moments from your life with friends, family and the entire world. In just minutes, you can upload a video from your computer or mobile device and be part of the community of global users who post 300 hours of video to YouTube every minute. Uploading your first video is simple, and the site has tons of editing options if you want to change it once it's processed.

Here are the six easy steps it takes to upload your YouTube video.

If you are uploading from your desktop or laptop computer, head on over to, log into or create your Google account, and hit the up upload arrow on the upper right hand side of the page. Create or modify your channel, and then either manually upload your video or drag it in from a folder on your computer.

Now, your video will start uploading. If you have a longer video, it will take more time to upload. YouTube will let you know when your video has finished processing. It can take just a few seconds or even a few hours depending on the length.

Once Google completes processing, you can edit your video. Let's say the video is of private content, like your child's basketball game. You only want to share it with friends, family members and other members of the team. YouTube videos can be made public, so the whole world can see, private, which means only you can view it, or unlisted, which gives you a link you can share with others. If it's unlisted, your video also won't show up in search results. Another option is to list all the emails of people you want to receive the link. You can change your privacy settings at any point if you change your mind.

Next, add a title, description, relevant tags, category, and license and rights information. Under advanced settings, check or uncheck if you will allow comments, votes, ratings, and video responses. If your video is public, you may want to turn off comments, but if it's unlisted, you might want to keep them on to spark conversation between family and friends.

Now you can edit your video. YouTube gives you the ability to add clips, trim clips, insert effects and add music. If, for example, you took a shaky, long cell phone vertical video of your child's game, you can trim it down, stabilize it and make it horizontal, so it is easier to watch. You can also make your video darker or lighter, blur out faces, auto-fix the color and add fun music from the YouTube Audio Library.

Once you've finished editing and are satisfied with how your video looks, it's time to share it. If you didn't already email it under the privacy settings, you can copy and paste the link underneath the video or embed it onto a website with the embed code. You can also share it to a number of social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr and LinkedIn.

Good luck on posting your first YouTube video and getting started with building your channel!