How to Fix a Staples SPL-1506X Paper Shredder

By Susan Revermann

Updated July 21, 2017


Only shred credit cards and CDs in the slot designated for those items.


If you attempt to dismantle and fix the SPL-1506X shredder, it will void the product warranty. Always unplug the unit when you are placing your hands near the shredding section of the SPL-1506X. Be careful when wearing loose clothing, jewelry or neckties while you are shredding paper. Do not use flammable cleaners on this device.

The 1506X can shred 15 sheets of paper at one time.
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The SPL-1506X paper shredder, manufactured by the Staples office chain, can shred 15 sheets of paper at one time, as well as cutting unwanted credit cards, DVDs, and CDs to pieces. There are times when you may need to troubleshoot problems including paper jams, overheating, a full waste basket, electrical outlet issues or lubrication. Knowing how to fix your shredder will save you the expense of having a professional do it for you.

Paper Jam

Find the power switch on the shredder and push the button to the reverse (REV) setting.

Pull the paper that was jammed out of the shredding section. Release the REV button when the paper jam is cleared. Make sure to put smaller amounts of paper through the shredder at one time and remove any staples that are in the paper you are shredding. Also make sure to empty the paper basket frequently to allow for a clear shredding path.

Unplug the shredder if the previous steps have not worked to remove the paper jam. Manually remove any paper that is stuck in the shredding section.


Look at the overheat/overload LED light indicator light to see if it is illuminated. This light will come on if the motor overheat/overload circuit is tripped when the unit gets too hot.

Turn the shredder off and allow the unit to cool down for 25 minutes or longer.

Push the power button to the "on" setting and continue to shred your items. Remember to let the unit cool down periodically to prevent this from happening.


Purchase Staples shredder lubricant sheets from your local Staples store.

Use shredder lubrication as a part of regular maintenance. Lubricants should be used for every 30 minutes of shredding or at least twice a month.

Insert lubricating sheets into shredder and allow them to shred as normal paper would.

Power Issues

Look to see if the power switch is turned to the “on” position. Check your electrical connection to see if the plug is properly inserted into the outlet. Make sure that the outlet you use is accessible in case you need to disconnect during an emergency.

Remove the plug and reinsert it. Try to power up the shredder again.

Try a different outlet if the unit still does not work.