ATT Call Forwarding Instructions

By Carol Luther

Updated July 21, 2017

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With AT&T's call forwarding service, you never have to worry about missing an important call after you leave home. You can use this convenient feature to send your home phone calls to another number temporarily. Forward your calls to a friend's home, your office or to a mobile phone. Businesses can forward calls to an answering service and let their customers speak to a live person instead of getting a busy signal or an impersonal answering machine.

Activate Call Forwarding

You must order this feature through your local residential or business telephone company. The pricing plans vary by state. In most cases, residential customers purchase this feature as part of a bundle that includes popular features like call waiting. Once you add call forwarding to your telephone line, you can activate it at your convenience from the phone in your home or from a remote location. AT&T's call forwarding uses an automated system. Activation requires that you enter the targeted forwarding number and codes. You can forward your calls to a long distance number, but AT&T charges your callers as if they dialed the number directly.

Select the number that you want, before you begin the process. If no one is available to answer the phone during the forwarding setup, you will need to complete additional steps. Press 72 and the pound key (#) on a touch tone telephone keypad at your home. Enter the phone number, including the area code if it is required for local dialing in your area. Press the pound key after you finish entering the number for your forwarded calls. Wait for someone to answer the phone at the selected number. Once you complete the call, your call forwarding is active. If the other line is unattended, you can still forward your calls. Press 72 and #, then enter your selected number and the # key. After the other number rings, hang up. Enter the forwarding code and #, then dial the number again and press # to activate. AT&T provides an audible tone for electronic confirmation that you have successfully forwarded your calls.

Cancel Call Forwarding

You cannot answer a forwarded phone, even though you may hear a brief ring. To deactivate call forwarding, pick up your phone, press 73 and then press the pound key. AT&T routes your calls back to your home phone until you activate forwarding again.


Remote call forwarding is an optional service from AT&T. Once you order this feature, you can activate and cancel call forwarding when you are away from your home or business location. Remote call forwarding uses an automated system that requires an account number for the feature and password or personal identification number. Once you connect to the remote call forwarding system, you can follow simple voice prompts that help you navigate the process. The codes that you need to forward or cancel call forwarding are the same ones that your home location requires.