Troubleshooting Google Cloud Print

By Naomi Bolton

Google Cloud Print allows you to connect your printer to the Internet, and then print from any Internet-connected device. You can also share your printer with anyone who has a Google account, and use the service with both Cloud Ready printers and normal printers, though the latter require you to install Google Chrome and enable the service.

Printer Must be On and Connected

To make use of the Google Cloud Print service, the printer must be switched on and set up correctly. You can check the setup instructions for your Cloud Ready Printer on the Google Cloud Print information page (link in Resources). If you are using a classic printer, ensure that it is switched on and connected to the computer on which you have set up the Google Cloud Print connector.

Disable Conflicting Extensions

If you're not using a Cloud Ready printer, conflicting browser extensions may be the cause. According to Google, the Ask Toolbar extension in particular is known to cause issues. If the Google Cloud Print window is black or blank, disable your Google Chrome extensions one by one to identify the culprit.

Use Correct Drivers and Account

The account for your Google Cloud Print management page (link in Resources) and the Google Cloud Print connector has to be the same. If the accounts do not match, you will not see any printers listed on the management page. If that's not the issue, visit the printer manufacturer's website and install the latest drivers for your printer.