How to Make a Default Homepage in Windows 8.1

By Anthony Oster

Access the settings for your apps by swiping the right side of your screen.
i Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Changing the default home page in Internet Explorer on your Windows 8.1 device gives you the ability to customize your device to your personal needs. Changing a home page can be useful in many ways; for instance, if you manage appointments for your job through an online calendar or appointment managing service, it may be beneficial to load your online calendar as your home page to save time. If at any time you wish to return to the program's default home page, you can easily reset it with just a few taps of the finger.

Changing Your Home Page

To change your home page, first open Internet Explorer and navigate to the Web address that you would like to set as your default home page. You can access the the "Settings" menu by either swiping the right edge of your screen, or pointing your mouse toward the lower right corner of the screen in the event that your device does not have a touch screen. You can customize your home page from the "Options" menu by selecting "Customize" and then adding the current site that you are viewing. You can alternatively type in the Web address for the home page of your choice. You can remove a home page from the same menu, or add multiple home pages to suit your needs.