How to Back Up Wi-Fi Passwords & Settings With a Samsung Galaxy Nexus

by Allen Bethea
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Your Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone automatically keeps track of all the Wi-Fi passwords and settings you accumulate over time while at work or on the road. A good, current backup of this data, however, will save you valuable time if you ever need to perform a factory reset or replace your current phone. Although several data backup apps are available in the Google Play Store, you don't have to pay a dime or install any new programs to back up and protect your Wi-Fi network connection settings.

Android Backup and Reset Utility

Your Galaxy Nexus phone comes complete with its own Backup & Reset app found in the Personal section of your phone's Settings utility. If you check the "Back Up My Data" option, the Wi-Fi networks you've visited, their settings and their passwords are copied to your online Google account. The Backup & Reset app protects other data on your phone such as your contact list, browser settings, bookmarks and email account information. The backup process occurs in the background and won't interfere with the normal usage of your phone. If you reset your phone or purchase a new Android phone, your Wi-Fi settings are restored once you sign in with your Google account.


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