My Computer Won't Detect the iPod in Recovery Mode

By Alan Sembera

You can restore you settings from a backup after using recovery mode.
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Recovery mode allows you to reinstall iOS on your iPod through iTunes whenever you experience problems with the device. In some cases, iTunes may not recognize the iPod while it's in recovery mode, preventing you from restoring the device. However, you may be able to resolve the issue with a few simple troubleshooting steps.

Attach iPod in Right Sequence

If you don't connect the iPod to your computer in the correct sequence, iTunes may not recognize it. To make the connection in the proper order, detach the USB cable from the iPod while leaving the other end in the computer, turn off the iPod, and then hold down the Home button while plugging the cable back into the iPod. Continue holding the button until you see the screen with the iTunes logo. ITunes should detect the iPod in recovery mode and give you the option of restoring the device.

More Troubleshooting

If iTunes still won't recognize the iPod, reset the device and try again. To reset your iPod, turn it off, and then hold down the Power and Home buttons for at least 10 seconds until the device turns on and you see the Apple logo. If you're still having trouble after this, Apple lists several advanced troubleshooting steps on its website you can try (link in Resources), including reinstalling iTunes, trying a different cable or even trying another computer.

Version Information

The troubleshooting steps in this article apply to the 5th generation iPod Touch and the 7th generation iPod Nano. They may vary slightly or significantly for other products.