Difference Between Tagging & Sharing on Facebook

By Jane Williams

Share with all or tag only a few.
i Stephen Lam/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Facebook enables you to keep in touch with those in your social or professional circles with the click of a few buttons. The site offers a number of features to keep conversations and interactions going, including the ability to tag others in your posts, or share interesting videos, messages or photos on your Timeline or Page.

Tag, You're It

When you tag someone, be it on a photo or text post, her name becomes a link that goes directly to her Facebook Timeline. This feature notifies the person you've tagged, and the post she is tagged in may appear on her Timeline. Tagging acts like a direct link to the person being tagged.

Share the Love

Sharing, unlike tagging, does not single out specific people in the post. Every post on Facebook, and on many other sites, especially blogs, offers a "Share" link. Click this link to add a message as well as to customize who sees it before posting. A shared post appears on your Timeline or page, allowing all your followers or friends to see it.

Double Whammy

You can also tag someone in a post you're sharing by adding that person's name in the comment section before you click "Share" to post it to your Timeline. This brings your shared post to the tagged person's attention to make sure they don't miss it.