How to Print Inline Photos From Outlook

By Alan Sembera

Inline images often eliminate the need for attachments.
i Jack Hollingsworth/Photodisc/Getty Images

Many email senders embed photos in the body of the message using links to images on outside servers. Outlook won't display or print these photos in most cases unless you first give it permission to download the image files. To print a message with the linked photos, open the email and click the text at the top of the message. Select "Download Pictures" from the options that appear. Outlook will download the images, allowing you to print the entire message, photos and all.

Printing Individual Photos

In some cases, you may just want to print a single photo by itself. Outlook doesn't include a built-in function to send a single inline image to your printer, but you can save the photo to your computer and then open it in another application such as Paint for printing. To save the photo, first open the email, and then right-click the image and select "Save as Picture."