How to Use Pixlr to Superimpose Images

By Andrew Tennyson

Pixlr brings many familiar image editing tools online, enabling your company to create and edit image-based compositions via a Web-based app. To superimpose images using Pixlr, you must first create a new blank project and then import the images you want to superimpose over top of one another. You can then resize the images, adjust their arrangement and relation to one another, and save the composition as a merged image file.

Open the Pixlr website in a new browser tab (link in Resources) and then click the "Open Image Editor" link to launch the image editor.

Click "Create New Image" to launch the New Image dialog.

Enter a name for your new composition in the Name field, click the "Presets" menu and select the size of the document on which you want to superimpose your images. You can also create a project of a custom size via this dialog. Click "OK" when you've selected your size.

Import the primary image over which you want to superimpose additional images. To use an image stored on your computer, click "Open Image from Computer" and select the image. To use an image saved on the Web, click "Open Image from URL," enter the URL for the image you want to add to your project, and then click "OK."

Add the images you want to superimpose. To add images, click "File" on the main menu and select either "Open Image from Computer" or "Open Image from URL." Each image you add is placed on its own layer so that it can be individually manipulated.

Adjust the sizes and positioning of your superimposed images. To do this, click the layer containing the superimposed image you want to adjust. Click "Edit" on the main menu and select "Transform." Drag the sizing squares until the image is the desired size, and then click in the middle of the superimposed image and drag it to the desired location in your composition. Repeat this step for each of your superimposed images.

Merge your superimposed images so that you can save your composition as one image file. To do this, click "Layers" on the main menu and select "Merge Visible."

Click "File" on the main menu and select "Save." Click the drop-down menu and select the image format in which you want to save the file. Click "OK," browse to the location where you want to save the file, and then click "Save."


If you're unhappy with the order of your images, you can rearrange their respective layers prior to merging them. To do this, click the layer you want to rearrange, click "Layer" on the main menu, and then click either "Move Layer Up" or "Move Layer Down."