How to Set Up My Iomega Personal Cloud

By Charlotte Mission

The Personal Cloud allows you to connect your Iomega TV with other computers and devices using a private online network. Once you set up your Personal Cloud, you can stream the movies, TV shows and other media you have stored on any machine that has access to your account. In addition, you can backup your data in secured cloud storage. Make sure you have installed the Storage Manager from the Solutions CD before you begin the Personal Cloud set up.

Click the “Iomega Storage Manager” icon in the system tray to open the administrative console.

Click the “Personal Cloud” tab, click “Enable” and then click the “Configure” icon to open the Personal Cloud configuration Web page. Click the “Next” button after you read the Personal Cloud introductory information.

Type a name for your Personal Cloud account and enter your email address.

Click the check box to confirm that you read and agree to the Security and Privacy notification and then click the “Next” button to start the account creation process.

Wait for the TV, router and the Iomega Personal Cloud server status icons to show green check marks. Once this occurs, your Iomega Personal Cloud is set up and connected to your TV.