How to Get Old Favorites From an Old Computer to New in AOL

By Alan Sembera

The AOL Desktop app integrates Web browsing, email and instant messaging.
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Transferring your AOL browser favorites to your new computer can save you the trouble of having to rebuild your bookmark list from scratch. To complete the transfer in version 10 of the AOL Desktop application, you must be able to go online on the old computer and transfer the locally-stored favorites to your AOL account. If you're using an earlier version, your favorites list is already online, and the transfer is much easier.

Old Computer

Launch AOL Desktop version 10 on the old computer. If you use an earlier version, skip to the next section.

Click the "Favorites" menu on the browser window toolbar, and then select "Manage Favorites." The Favorites panel opens, listing the favorites and favorite folders saved on the computer.

Click "Sign In" on the main toolbar, and then sign in using your AOL screen name and password. After you sign in, your personal directory with your screen name appears in the Favorites panel. This directory contains favorites stored on the AOL server.

Drag the favorites from the main part of the Favorites panel into the personal directory. All of your favorites are now stored online.

New Computer

Launch the AOL Desktop application on the new computer, and sign in to your AOL account.

Click the "Favorites" menu and select "Manage Favorites" to open the Favorites panel.

Double-click the directory that contains your AOL screen name. Any favorites you moved into this directory from the old computer are now visible. Drag them to the main part of the Favorites panel to save them to the new computer. If you use an older version of AOL Desktop on your other computer, complete the next steps.

Click the "Favorites" menu on the new computer, and then select "Import AOL Favorites."

Click "Continue." The app checks for favorites saved online from previous versions of the application and imports them into your personal directory. Click "OK" once the import finishes.

Double-click your personal directory in the Favorites panel. The imported favorites are inside a folder labeled with the date of the import.

Double-click the dated folder, and then drag the favorites from the folder to the main part of the Favorites panel. The favorites are now stored on the computer.


Information in this article applies to AOL Desktop version 10.1. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.