How to Delete a Google Event on an iPad

By Melly Parker

Google Calendar can be synced in Settings, but multiple calendars need to be synced via Exchange.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Events saved on Google Calendar can be synced to the iOS Calendar application so that you can view, edit and delete them on the iPad. Changes you make on your iPad are synced to Google's servers, so the event will be deleted on all connected devices. If you delete the event when your iPad isn't connected to a mobile data network or Wi-Fi, it won't sync until you're connected again.

Tap "Calendar" to open the iOS calendar app.

Tap the event you want to delete.

Tap "Edit" and then tap "Delete Event."

Tap "Delete Event" to confirm. If the event is a recurring event, choose either "Delete This Event Only" or "Delete All Future Events."


You don't need to delete an event if the date and time changed. Instead, edit the details to change its location on the calendar.


Many iOS apps sync with Google Calendar. If you're using a third-party application, the steps to delete an event will be different.