How to Show a Screenshot on YouTube

By David Wayne

YouTube offers a platform for reaching new clients and getting your message to others in your industry. Showing a screenshot in a YouTube video helps you present specific, software-related details to your audience and quickly solve a number of everyday problems. Simple video-editing software enables you to add screenshots to your videos and save them in various formats. YouTube accepts uploads of several video formats as well as digital images in the form of a slideshow with an accompanying soundtrack.


Point the cursor to the upper-right corner of the screen, and click “Search” to open the Search Charm. Type “Snipping Tool” in the Search box, and click the icon to launch Snipping Tool.

Click the “New” drop-down arrow, and choose “Rectangular Snip.” Drag the cursor over the area of the screen you'd like to capture, and when you let go of the mouse button, the Snipping Tool window displays your screenshot. Click “Save” to save the screenshot on your hard drive.

Open the Search Charm, and type “Movie Maker” in the Search box. Click the icon in the search results to launch Movie Maker.

Click the “Home” tab, and in the Add section, click “Add Videos and Photos.” In the resulting browser window, go to the folder containing your screenshot, and double-click the file to add it to the Movie Maker timeline.

Click “Add Music” to add a soundtrack to your video, and in the browser window, double-click a sound file to include it in your video as a background track. Alternatively, click the link of a music provider in the Add Music window to download a soundtrack from the provider.

Click the “Movie Maker” button, and point the cursor to “Save.” Click “For Computer,” and choose a format from the File Type menu. Enter a title in the File Name field, and click “Save.”

Visit YouTube, and sign in or create a new account (see Resources). Click “Upload” followed by “Select Files to Upload.” Double-click your screenshot video to upload it to your YouTube account.


Visit YouTube, and click “Upload” (see Resources). In the Photo Slideshow section, click “Create,” and in the resulting window, click “Upload Photos” followed by “Select Photos from Your Computer.” Double-click photos in the file browser to upload them.

Click “Next,” and in the Audio section, click a soundtrack to add it to your screenshot video. Type a search term in the Search box to find a specific audio track, or click the “Filter” menu to select a category for search results.

Click “Slide Duration” to choose a length for your screenshot video, and click “Slide Effect” to add motion effects to your screenshot. Preview your changes in the Preview window. Click “Upload” when you're finished making your choices.


Quickly add screenshots to Movie Maker and YouTube by dragging and dropping files from your desktop instead of searching with the file browser.