How to Record From Your Computer Microphone to Hard Drives

By C. Taylor

Sound Recorder lets you record sounds in Windows 8.
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Your computer's microphone does more than just enable you to chat with colleagues or customers; with the right software, you can record sound clips, training tutorials or personal notes. Fortunately, you don't need to look further than Windows 8's integrated Sound Recorder. This simple utility records sounds through your microphone and saves them Windows Media Audio file, or WMA, format on your hard drive.

Type "sound recorder" while viewing the Windows 8 Start screen and click "Sound Recorder" from the search results.

Click "Start Recording" or press "Alt-S" to start recording.

Click "Stop Recording" or press "Alt-S" to stop recording and automatically produce a Save As window.

Enter a name for your new audio file in the "File Name" section.

Choose a save location by navigating through folders. To save to a different hard drive, click a drive letter under "Computer" in the left pane.

Click "Save" to save your WMA audio file.


Position the audio source close to your microphone for best results.