How to Restore My iPhone When It Won't Stay Charged

By Andrew Tennyson

Whether the performance of your company iPhone is lagging or you're experiencing more severe problems, performing a full system restore may be the solution. Performing a restore on your company iPhone can fix software and firmware issues, but it's impossible to perform a reset on the handset itself if the iPhone won't hold a charge. If you find yourself in this situation, you can perform a reset on your iPhone via the iTunes application on your computer.

Connect your iPhone to your computer using the iPhone's USB cable and launch iTunes on the computer if the application does not launch automatically.

Click your iPhone in iTunes to select it.

Click the "Summary" tab and then click the "Restore iPhone" button.

Click the "Restore" button to confirm that you want to restore the phone. When the restoration process is complete, a message appears on the iPhone's screen.

Touch and slide the "Slide to set up" button on the iPhone to launch the iOS Setup Assistant. Proceed through the automated prompts to set up your iPhone as desired.


Use iTunes to back up any important data you want to save prior to performing the restoration.

After the restoration is complete, leave the iPhone connected to the computer to test whether the restoration fixed your charging issues.


Information in this article applies to iPhones running the iOS 6.1 operating system. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.