Resetting 5th Generation iPod Nanos to Factory Defaults

By Aaron Wein

Use iTunes to restore your iPod Nano.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The fifth-generation iPod Nano, along with all iPod models, includes a restoration option that resets the device to its original factory settings. The feature is commonly used as a last-ditch effort to solve technical issues or to prep the device for resale. The iPod Nano does not include a built-in restoration option. Instead, you must use iTunes software on your computer to wipe the device.

Connect the iPod Nano to your computer with its USB cable and open iTunes.

Click the iPod Nano's name in iTunes.

Click the "Summary" button to view a list of options for the iPod Nano.

Click "Restore Nano." A prompt opens asking you to confirm the restoration.

Click "Restore" to confirm the restoration and begin the restoration process. When the restore process is complete, a message opens informing you that the iPod Nano has been reset to factory settings.


After finishing restoring the iPod Nano, iTunes prompts you to start the device's setup wizard to name the Nano, set up its syncing preferences and sync the device. Skip the wizard if you are prepping the iPod Nano for resale.


Steps in this article apply to the fifth-generation iPod Nano and iTunes 11. Different models and software versions may require different steps.