How to Submit Pictures on Tumblr

By Lori Kaufman

If you use a Tumblr blog to present your company and advertise your services and products to millions of Internet users, you must ensure the content of your blog captivates the attention of your readers in the first few seconds. Although you need to use words to describe your services and products, images are the elements that pique readers' interest. If you have new images, you should post them on your blog as soon as possible so that your potential clients can view them.

Navigate to and log in to your account to get to your blog's dashboard. You can control all aspects of the blog and also post images from the dashboard.

Click the small arrowhead next to your blog's name and then click your blog to navigate to it.

Click the "Photo" icon at the top of the dashboard and then click the "Camera" icon to open the File Upload window.

Select the pictures and click the "Open" button to submit them to Tumblr. To select multiple pictures, hold "Ctrl" and click each one. To select all pictures in the current folder, use the "Ctrl-A" keyboard shortcut.

Hover the cursor over each image, click the "Caption" icon, write a photo caption and click the "Set Caption" button. Photo captions are optional.

Enter the text for the blog post into the Caption text box. The caption is optional.

Click the "Create Post" button to post your pictures to your blog.


To upload more photos, click the "Upload another photo" box. You can upload up to 10 pictures at a time.