How to Open a PPS File Without PowerPoint

by Allen Bethea
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If you have a PowerPoint PPS presentation you want to view, but you don't have Microsoft's PowerPoint application or viewer installed on your office computer, you can still view or edit these files by using Web applications like Google Docs and Windows Live. You can also download and install a free, PowerPoint-compatible, alternative application like LibreOffice Impress. Libreoffice runs on Windows, OS X and Linux PCs.

Google Docs

Sign in to your Google account, and then select the "Drive" link.

Click the "Upload" icon, and then click "Files" to open the file manager. Locate the PPS file you want to open, and then click the "Open" button.

Click on the PPS filename in your Drive file listing to open it. There may be a delay as the file is converted to Google Docs' native format.

Microsoft's PowerPoint Web App

Sign in to your Windows Live account, and then select "SkyDrive."

Click the "Upload" icon, and then locate the PPS file you want to open using the file manager.

Click the "Open" button to start the PPS file upload.

Click on the PPS filename or tile to open it.

Click the "EDIT PRESENTATION" link, and then click "Edit in PowerPoint Web APP” to edit your file.

LibreOffice Impress

Launch your Web Browser and go to LibreOffice's download page (link in Resources).

Click on the download link for the operating system your PC uses. For instance, for Windows 7 and Windows 8, choose the "Windows" link.

Select your language, and then select the latest version of LibreOffice. The "Pre-release" versions of LibreOffice are for testing purposes only; do not use them for important work.

Click the "Main installer" button to download the LibreOffice installation package.

Double-click the downloaded LibreOffice MSI file, and then follow the installer's instructions.

Locate the PPS file you want to open using the Windows file manager.

Right-click the file name then select the "Rename" option. Change the file extension from .pps to .ppt, and then press "Enter."

Launch LibreOffice Impress, and then open the PowerPoint file you renamed. The file should open in the editing mode.


Use LibreOffice Impress to present your PPS PowerPoint slide shows in locations where you don't have Internet access. PPS and PPT PowerPoint files are identical: the .pps file extension just tells the application to start the slide show presentation rather than entering the slide editing mode. Launch LibreOffice Impress, and then open the PPS file to have LibreOffice start the slide show just as PowerPoint would.


You may lose some of a PowerPoint presentation's content or formatting when you open it using another application. Even Microsoft's own PowerPoint Web App converts a native PPT file to its own internal format. To avoid problems, test any files you edit without PowerPoint in the application you will eventually use for displaying the presentation.


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