How to Update the Drivers in a Veho Film Scanner

By Charlotte Mission

Veho manufactures several types of film, slide and negative scanners for both home and business use. To keep these machines running well and ensure compatibility with the latest programs and operating systems, you have to periodically apply updates to the scanner's drivers. Veho makes up-to-date driver software readily available on its website, and the process of installing the new drivers is simple.

Go to the Veho Download Centre Web page (link in Resources), and then click the "Drivers and Software" link.

Click "Scanners and Photo," and then select your film scanner model from the list.

Click the link that corresponds to the drivers for your operating system. The site downloads the driver files to your computer.

Right-click the driver ZIP file in your downloads folder, and then select "Extract" from the context menu.

Create a folder for the new drivers when prompted by Windows' extraction program. This should be an easily accessible location, such as C:\VehoDrivers. Windows closes the extractor program once it completes.

Click "Start," select "Control Panel," and then click "Device Manager."

Click the arrow next to "Imaging Devices" to expand the menu, and then right-click the Veho icon.

Select "Update Driver Software," and then choose the "Browse my computer for driver software" option.

Navigate to the folder in which you extracted the driver files, and then click "Open." The computer installs the new drivers.

Click "OK" in the dialog box that appears once the installation is complete.

Restart the computer to finalize the installation, if prompted.