How to Open RMS Documents on an iPhone

by Melly Parker

RMS documents are protected documents that can only be opened by certain programs. They often contain sensitive information such as sales statistics, financial reports or customer contact information may be RMS protected for security. If you need access to RMS protected files on the go, you can email them to yourself and open them with RMS Viewer, the only iOS application that can open RMS files. Your company must be connected to an RMS Rendering Service for the app to function.

Tap "App Store" and search "RMS Viewer."

Tap "Install" to download and install the application. Enter your Apple ID and password, if prompted.

Enter your PIN to connect to the RMS Server running at your company. The PIN should be available from your RMS Server or from an IT employee. The procedure will vary depending on what type of RMS server your company is using.

Tap RMS Viewer, and open the email that contains the RMS attachment you want to view.

Tap "Open in RMS Viewer."


RMS Viewer prevents the email containing the file from being forwarded or copied.


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