How to Wipe an Ipad

by William Pullman

The Apple iPad is a useful business tool, providing much of the same functionality as a computer, but it is more portable than an average desktop computer. When using the iPad for business, you may save personal and confidential information to the tablet. If you choose to upgrade to a new device, you should delete the iPad's memory before selling or disposing of it, to ensure unauthorized users don't have access to your information. Apple designed the iPad with a reset that wipes all of the information from the device.

Tap "Settings," select "General" and choose "Reset."

Touch "Erase All Content and Settings." A warning will appear, informing you that continuing deletes all of your data.

Tap "Erase" to wipe all of the information from the iPad. The Apple logo will appear during the process, which takes several minutes to complete.


After erasing all of the data from the iPad, you are prompted to perform the setup procedure. You'll need a computer with iTunes and Internet access to set up the iPad.

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Brought to you by Techwalla

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