How to Change an iPhone Ring Length

By Melissa King

Change iPhone ringer length via a hidden option.
i Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Apple iPhone, by default, rings for just 20 seconds before the call goes to voicemail. If you're busy working on a project or tending to a customer, you can't always answer a call in that time. The iPhone doesn't have an obvious way to adjust the ringtone length. By dialing a series of symbols and numbers, though, you can change the iPhone's settings so the ringtone plays for as long as you want.

Power on the iPhone. Tap the "Phone" icon and choose "Keypad."

Enter *#61#, then press "Call" to view the Setting Interrogation Succeeded screen. Write down the 11-digit number next to "Forwards to."

Press "Dismiss" to return to the keypad, and press 61* followed by the number you wrote down. Next press .

Enter the number of seconds you want the ringtone to play followed by the # sign. For example, if you want the ringtone to play for 60 seconds, your number might look like: 61*5555555555560#.

Tap "Call" to apply the change and to go to the "Setting Activation Succeeded" screen.


This process was successfully tested on an iPhone 5 using AT&T Wireless; results may vary with other models or carriers.