How to Connect a Laptop to a New Internet WiFi Connection

by C.D. Crowder

Part of the appeal of laptops is the ability to connect to the Internet wherever a WiFi connection is available. A Wi-Fi connection allows you to connect wirelessly and use the Internet. Any laptop with a wireless card enabled can use Wi-Fi connections. Many public restaurants, hotels and even parks now offer free Wi-Fi to customers. In some locations, you may need a password to access the network.

Turn on your wireless adapter if it is not already on.

A wireless symbol is usually present above the keyboard on most laptops or as a button near the top of the keyboard. This symbol looks like a small tower. If lit, wireless is on.

If wireless is not enabled, press the wireless button on your laptop. If no button is present, look for the wireless symbol on a function key at the top of the keyboard. Press the Fn button along with the appropriate wireless function key to activate wireless functionality on your laptop.

Click the network icon in the notification area. The icon looks either like a computer with a plug or a set of five signal bars.

Select a network from the list of available networks, then press Connect.

Enter the network password if prompted.


Networks with more green bars have a stronger signal than other networks.


Never use public WiFi or an unsecured wireless connection for banking or shopping transactions. Hackers can intercept personal details and use them for identity theft and to access your personal information.

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