How to Edit Favorites on Facebook

By John Ruiz

Facebook's sidebar can get really cluttered if you create new friend lists, join multiple groups, administer different pages, add several interest lists and run various Facebook apps. A cluttered Facebook sidebar can make finding business contacts and groups a bit cumbersome. Put all the business-related Facebook apps, pages, friend lists, groups and interest lists in a single group by editing the "Favorites" section of the Facebook sidebar for quick access.

Log into your Facebook account and put your mouse cursor over any sidebar link you do not want under the "Favorites" section. Click the small pencil icon that appears next to the link and click "Remove from Favorites."

Hover your mouse cursor over a sidebar link under a section other than the "Favorites" section. Click the small pencil icon next to that link and click "Add to Favorites."

Put your mouse cursor back on any of the "Favorites" links you just added. Click on its pencil icon and click "Rearrange" if you want to place the link in another position in the list. Click on a link and drag it up or down depending on your preference. Click the "Done" link to finalize the edits.