How to Open an Acer Aspire One

by Ruri Ranbe

Although some models of the Acer Aspire One store certain components, like the RAM, in an upgrade hatch on the bottom of the case, most hardware inside the Aspire One is contained underneath the top cover, or palm rest. Businesses that want to cut costs and service or upgrade equipment without outside assistance must know how to open the Aspire One to access the internal parts. Because the netbook is so small, the motherboard and the devices connected to it are extremely delicate. Handle the computer with extreme care when servicing it.

Shut down the Acer Aspire One. Unplug the AC adapter. Close the lid and turn the netbook over.

Put on an anti-static wristband. Slide the tabs on the bottom of the case to unlock the battery. Remove the battery pack from the netbook.

Wedge the tip of a screwdriver underneath the footpads on the base of the computer. Push the pads out of their sockets.

Remove all visible screws from the base of the computer, including those found in the battery compartment. Lift up any service panels.

Turn over the computer. Push back the monitor as far as possible, and release the three latches securing the keyboard to the top cover. The latches line the top of the keyboard.

Pull up on the top edge of the keyboard, and lift it up off the top cover. Unplug the cable connecting the keyboard to the motherboard.

Remove the keyboard. Disconnect the touchpad cable from the motherboard. Pry the top cover assembly off the Acer Aspire One.

Items you will need

  • Small Phillips head screwdriver

  • Anti-static wristband


Disassembly steps vary depending on the model of Aspire One. On some models, for example, you may need to remove the RAM, SD card and 3G module before removing the top cover assembly.


Opening the computer may void your warranty. Contact Acer for further assistance before disassembling the netbook if you're unsure of your warranty status.


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