How to Restart Apple Bonjour

By Rebecca Mecomber

Bonjour usually starts automatically with each computer reboot.
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Apple Bonjour is a network protocol service, necessary for the discovering and sharing devices on a local area network without the need to reconfigure certain network settings for each device. Apple's iTunes media player, certain network printers and various Adobe Creative Suite program applications use Bonjour to communicate with network devices and Web servers. If you find that you cannot connect your computer to the office printer network or that your Apple device is unresponsive when you plug it into your Windows computer, the Bonjour service is probably off or has developed an error.

Unplug any Apple devices, such as an iPad or iPod, from your computer ports. Reboot your computer.

Click the "Start" button. Type "Services" into the Start menu search box. Locate the Services applet in the list that has a small blue gears icon and is named "Services" with a capital "S." Click it.

Locate "Bonjour Service" in the column under "Name." Right-click "Bonjour Service" and select "Restart" from the menu.

Close the Services applet by clicking "File" in the menu bar. Click "Exit."

Reboot your computer.