How to Uninstall a Xerox Driver

By Jacob Michael

Office equipment is often upgraded or replaced, including vital workplace computer peripherals such as printers and copying machines. When an old printer is discarded, it may be a good idea to uninstall the printer device drivers to prevent incompatibilities with new equipment. Uninstall your old Xerox printer from the list of connected devices, then remove the driver files from the computer to prevent automatic device reinstallation.

Click the Start button, then click “Devices and Printers.”

Right-click on the Xerox printer you wish to remove and click “Remove Device.”

Click the “Yes” button to confirm.

Click Start, then "Control Panel" and then “Administrative Tools.”

Open “Print Management.”

Click “Drivers” on the left panel.

Right-click on the Xerox driver in the middle panel and click “Delete.”

Click the “Yes” button to confirm.

Reboot the computer.


If you are using Windows 7 Home version, there is no "Print Management" snap-in installed for Administrative Tools. Instead, click the Start button, enter "printui /s /t2" into the search input box and press the "Enter" key. Click the Xerox printer driver you want to delete and click the "Remove..." button.