How to Delete Hidden Partitions on a Seagate Hard Drive

by Daniel Hatter

Hidden partitions can be very useful for protecting important files from accidental deletion. They are most commonly used as the storage location for operating system backups, and many manufacturers set up these partitions on all their computers. If your business doesn't need to use the hidden partition on your Seagate hard drives, you can delete them to obtain more disk space. Hidden partitions can't be seen in the Computer folder, but you can run a management utility that will show them.

Open the "Start" menu and click inside the "Search programs and files" box. Type "compmgmt.msc" (without the quotation marks) in the box and press "Enter." Type your administrator username and password in the confirmation box if prompted.

Click the "Disk Management" item in the Storage category in the left navigation pane. A list of all the hard drives, optical drives and removable storage drives on your system will load in the middle pane.

Click on the Seagate hard drive and click to select the partition labeled "Hidden." Right-click on the partition, choose the "Delete Volume" option, and click "Yes" when prompted to confirm the deletion of the partition.


Deleting a partition is permanent. To avoid the loss of your operating system in the event of a virus or other system error, you should have another backup method in place before you delete the partition.


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