How to Sync NetBeans via FTP

By G.S. Jackson

If your business involves Web apps or Web design, you probably have a server that users connect to when accessing your site or downloading apps. When developing your website, however, you do not work directly with files on the server. The server represents a working version of your product or page, and any changes you make will be on a separate computer. If you're using NetBeans for Web programming with languages such as PHP, you can set up a connection to a server via FTP, so that you can develop on one machine, and then export your files to the server when you have your code working.

Open your PHP project in NetBeans, so that it appears on the main NetBeans window.

Right-click the name of your project and select "Properties" from the context menu to open the Properties window.

Select "Run Configuration" from the list on the left-hand side of the window.

Select ""Remote Web Site (FTP, sFTP)" from the "Run As" drop-down menu.

Click the "Manage" button next to the "Remote Connection" drop-down menu to open the Connection Management widow.

Click the "Add" button, give your connection a name, select "FTP" from the menu, and then click "OK." The FTP settings appear in the connection management window.

Enter your FTP credentials for your FTP server. You can also test the connection by clicking the "Test Connection" button to ensure your connection settings work. Click "OK" when done.

Specify a subdomain directory in the "Upload Directory" text box, if your website is not located in the main directory of your domain.

Click the "Upload Files DIrectly" check box, then click "OK."

Run your project. You can manually upload your files to the server by right-clicking on the project's name and selecting "Upload" from the context menu, or you can trigger a sync by clicking the green "Run" arrow in the main NetBeans toolbar.


NetBeans does not support FTP or sFTP syncing for non-Web-specific programming such as Java. NetBeans recommends using version control software for projects of any significant complexity.