How to View Photos From a Printer Memory Card Slot

by A.J. Andrews

Mid- to high-end printers, such as the Kodak EasyShare Photo Printer 500 and the Lexmark X925, enable you to print and view photos from memory cards on either the printer’s display or a computer screen. The business applications of viewing images from a memory card slot are numerous, such as portability; you can store the image on the memory card and use it any printer that has a memory slat that accepts the card. Depending on you printer, you can open and view the images on the printer’s display or your computer screen.

Power up your printer and insert the memory card in its slot, commonly located at the front of the device.

Open the viewing screen of your printer using its menu. You can access the printer viewing screen by using the printer’s control panel to pull up the menu and using the directional arrows on the keypad to navigate the menu. Printers used in business applications, such as the Lexmark X925, employ touch screens, as opposed to touchpads, to navigate the printer’s menu.

Access the images on the memory card using the printer’s menu. Some printers, such as the Canon PIXMA Pro 9000, offer a slideshow function that enables you to view the images in a slideshow format. If viewing images individually, locate the image on the menu and press the “OK” button on the touchpad or touch screen. If viewing on a printer with slideshow capabilities, press the slideshow button and press “OK.”

Connect your printer to your computer with a USB cord to view the images on your computer’s display. Your computer will recognize your printer as an external peripheral device with a storage drive, as if the printer were a regular card reader. Click the Windows orb and then "Computer." Double-click the memory card's drive letter to view the images on the memory card.

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