How to Customize the Look of a Google Calendar on a Drupal Site

By Tiffany Garden

Google Calendar provides an embedding code for adding the calendar to your business's website. If you use a CMS such as Drupal, you can customize Google Calendar's look so that it matches your theme and overall site design. Using Google Calendar instead of one of Drupal's own calendar modules allows you to seamlessly integrate your existing schedule into your website, instead of recopying the information from one calendar program to another.

Log in to your Google Calendar account (link in Resources). Click the gear-shaped Settings icon on the far right side of the window, then choose "Settings" from the drop-down menu.

Click "Calendars." Click the calendar you wish to customize for your Drupal site, then click "Customize the color, size, and other options" next to the Embed This Calendar section.

Put a check mark next to the design elements you want to show in your calendar. A few examples of the design elements you can include or exclude are the title, date and tabs. Adjust the default view with the radio buttons underneath. Enter the length and width of the calendar. Click the background color box to change the color.

Copy the code in the text box on this screen by highlighting it, then pressing "Ctrl-C."

Log in to your Drupal site. Click "Create Content" and "Page." Provide a name for this page in the "Title" field, then paste the code for your Google Calendar in the "Body" field by pressing "Ctrl-V."

Click "Preview" and "Save."